Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random Ramblings (9): The 'Why I'm Busy' Confession

Sunday, Jan 22.

Know how significant that day was? You don't? Well, it was the last day I posted a book review. 4 days ago. *hides face in shame*

So I decided to explain my on and off hiatus on this blogging space of mine. And will try not to complain and blame everything to the sudden increase of our requirements this semester. Okay, maybe a little.

The reasons:

1) College is really in the hell variety as of the moment. I never thought everything would be this hectic (I actually was expecting this, but I'm still on the denial phase). Our thesis enjoys biting us in our butts and we could do nothing but endure it and trudged on. Bottom line, whining and grumping mainly sums up my day. Which leads us to reason #2.

2) My reading mood is on its all time low. Which leads us to reason # 3.

3) I'm backed-up on books to-read and to-review. I'm doing my best to catch-up but I'm barely keeping up. Everyone who visits the blog on a daily basis, must've seen how forlorn-looking the Under the Never Sky on the currently-reading portion.

So where do all this reasons leads to? Oh I know. The not-so golden question: 

Am I on the verge of the dreaded blogging burn-out?

My answer?

Not even close!

Why? I've been taking a lot of anti-stress pills, that's why. Kidding aside, the start of the year has been great for me. I have super-awesome followers *waves wildly to everyone* and readers who regularly visit whenever I managed to put up a post. And you know what gives a blogger real joy? Regular Readers. They're like the gold coins in the blogging world. Priceless. To that I am greatly thankful. 

What more is I started receiving physical books to review. Well, they're not really here yet but they will be soon. I never thought authors/publishers will send out physical books for me to review since I live in the Philippines. I'm more than okay with digital copies but having a real book in your hands is a much better reading experience.

And then I'm so excited because I'm hosting my very first blogging event this year with a fellow friend and  book-blogger extraordinaire. We're currently on the planning stage and everything is coming together perfectly, if I may say so. The post about this will come on the last day of January so keep an eye out for it. I hope you guys will participate!

Clue! Clue!

OK then. Here's all the clue I can give for now: 
Hunger Games?? Hmmm..
So before I spoil everything, I'm going to leave you all to ponder about this. And watch out for the reviews of these following books:

That's it for the WHY I'M BUSY confession. Sorry for not posting consistently but I hope you guys understand. What I can promise is I'll be doing my very best to keep Smitten over Books alive with blog posts. You can always count me on that. ;)

PS. The Giveaway Extravaganza is still ongoing. Ends 2/1.

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  1. 4 days is not that much, really, although you are plenty missed. :)

    Good luck with your thesis (ohhh, the dreaded word).

    1. Aww, Maja. Thanks so much! I just get so anxious and guilty whenever I don't visit and update my blog.

  2. Wow! I do love reading your ramblings about life or anything. Oh, Theseus, oh, Theseus, I mean THESIS. LOL.

    Early congratulations to you my friend for reaching 300 followers. It's been 3 months since you started blogging and you are now receiving physical copies. *teary-eyed

    BTW, I'm really curious about that event of yours. I can't wait. You're really a fan of THG. Same here. :D

    1. Thank you Von! *Cheesy onslaught alert* Without awesome bloggers like you, I will never be able to achieve that. :)

      And I do hope you'll participate on the event. I'm so excited!


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