Friday, January 20, 2012

Challenge Alert: Middle Grade March Madness

Benji from The Non Reluctant Reader and Chelsey from Starry Sky Books is hosting the Middle Grade March Madness Challenge. Basically, you'll have to read middle grade novels.

The Levels: 
1. Citizen, Read 1-3 Books
2. Mayor, Read 4-8 Books
3. Congressman, Read 9-12 Books
4. President, 13+ Books

The Schedule:
January 20th: Sign-Ups are OPEN (along with the giveaway)
February 22nd: Giveaway Ends
March 1st: Challenge Begins
March 7th: Sign-ups close, First giveaway of the challenge goes up
March 14: Second giveaway of the challenge goes up, first giveaway of the challenge ends
March 15-17th: Middle Grade 72 Hour Readathon Begins!
March 21st: Third giveaway of the challenge goes up, second one ends
March 28th: Final Giveaway of the challenge goes up!
April 1st: Challenge ends!

Sign-ups are open until March 7, 2012. Everyone can join as long as you have a blog, Goodreads, Amazon, Library Thing, or Barnes and Noble account where you post reviews. 

That's all. Easy peasy! I have several MGN to-read and this challenge is a great push in the right direction. I'm going for the Citizen level. 

Like to join in the fun? Enter here or here.
See you there!

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