Saturday, December 24, 2011

Random Ramblings (8): In the spirit of the Yuletide Season minus the snow

Before I got carried away, I’d like to advanced-greet everyone a Happy Christmas. *throws confetti*

Now that we’re done with that, I would like to tell everyone that there would be no more reviews for this month except the one that I did already which was Incarnate by Jodi Meadows and Fractured Light by Rachel McClellan which will be posted on December 28 (more on this later).

But before you get mad and unsubscribe and un-GFC, I’ll make it up to you next year. Pinky swear! It's just so busy here at home and I’m swamped with the general housecleaning and gift wrapping which by the way I am terribly bad at. Plus, discovering that our house is the camping grounds of our entire neighborhood’s army of cockroaches is just draining. *shudders*  

So for those authors and publishers who have requested reviews for their books, I promise to finish the reviews on January. And speaking of reviews, as of December 2011 I am officially a member of The Hollow Readers. Yay for me! For our December blog tour we’re reviewing Fractured Light by Rachel McClellan. It’s my first blog tour too so I’m super excited.

Now on to more good stuff.

What better way to celebrate Christmas and end the year than to give awards for those books we love.  I am especially fond of doing lists and because of the pureawesomeness of Inkcrush’s Faves of TwentyEleven Book Awards, I have the best way to do it.

There are 5 Categories and they are as follows:
- The Books
- The Characters
- The Scenes
- The Random
- The Covers

I’m so excited to make mine although I think I’ll be repeating some books in different categories.  I have only read an abysmal 50+ books this year(my all time low) but I will still join because I think I have read amazing books this year and would love to share them.

My posting schedule:
- Monday, December 26 for The Books
- Tuesday, December 27  for The Characters
- Wednesday, December 28 for The Scenes
- Thursday, December 29 for The Random
- Friday, December 30 for The Covers

Up above is my posting schedule so watch out for it. Want to join in the fun? Click here for the rules and sub-categories and learn more about Faves of TwentyEleven Book Awards. 

Lastly, on the 31st I’ll be posting my 2011 Year-End Reflection: My Resolutions and Accomplishments where I will share my reading and blogging resolutions and accomplishments. Feel free to post your own and link back here if you like so we can all read them.

And that’s it for this long post. You can now go back to whatever you’re doing and I’ll continue wrapping gifts. Sighs.

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