Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Year-End Reflection: My Resolutions and Accomplishments

Note: There's an awesome announcement at the end of this post. 

Look at how tired I was.
2011 has been an eventful year for me. I'm on my 3rd year in college which means more exposure to clinical settings and tons of additional workloads. Then I started blogging last November 2011 and now I’m entering another year and celebrating 3-months in the blogging world.

Although I just started, I’m not unfamiliar to reviewing and blogging. I have been reviewing since 2009(my first reviews were horrible, Ack!) on Goodreads and I have been following and reading blogs far, far back. Making my own blog held my interest for a time but I felt like I was not yet ready to start one.

Then out of the blue while visiting a blog, I thought of Smitten over Books. I was so excited because I think it was the sign for me to go build my blog. Thinking it would be easy, I made an account on Blogger.  I could never be more mistaken.  

Pulling Hair Syndrome
Signing up was easy but creating your own blog from scratch was one heck of a job. It requires a lot of time and effort, tears and a few loose hair just to get one running. But what a blast it was. It’s fun to have your own little corner in the big world of fiction, where you can say everything you want and share your love for books.  Meeting new bloggers and talking with my long-loved bloggers is enough payment for the hardships I’ve encountered.

Hardships. Too strong a word for a 2-month old blogger. But I kid you not when I say I struggled. A lot. What with all the workloads in school, paper works to be submitted, reports to be done, I just couldn’t squeeze enough time to read and review books and then post them here. Plus, I have to figure out HTML by myself. My mortal nemesis since High School.

**Lady Gaga cat version
But here I am now nearing 100 followers(I'm actually 1 person away from reaching it, major cliffhanger of the year!) with 106 followers on GFC, with 128/5 subscribers on RSS/email and feeling much like Lady Gaga. I squealed with delight every time somebody comments on my post or share it with others. I almost killed myself by holding my breath too long when my favorite bloggers visited my blog. And that my friend, I realized is the joy in blogging. You meet new friends, talk with other fellow readers and bloggers and share your passion. That’s more than a humbly blogger like me could ask.

I also discovered that the blogging world is a very welcoming and supportive community. They would help without you even asking and I've never felt so accepted in my life. As cliched as this may sound, I feel like I really belong here. Yes, I have wonderful friends at school but I never had that one friend that I could really talk incessantly about my latest read. But now I have so many friends who share the same passion as mine. I could never be more happy.

So what better way to keep blogging as fun this coming year than to make a blogging resolution. Here's mine:
Kidding! Even these kittehs have their own resolutions:
**Hear, hear!
**She should go for Option B,
don't you think?

Now here are my 2012 blogging resolutions. For realz:

1. I will try to post at least thrice a week. (I hope!)
2. I will read more books.(I hope 2x)
3. I will write a review right after I finish a book. (Heh)
4. I will connect more with other bloggers. (Win!)
5. I will not procrastinate. (*silence*)

I still have a lot to learn. But knowing that someone out there is watching my progress and cheering me on just makes the process so worth it. Now it’s time to hear your blogging story. What's your blogging resolutions for 2012? Feel free to share a link of your post about your own Year-End Reflections in the comment section below. Happy New Year and may we have another fun blogging year ahead! :)

Now for the announcement: Watch out for a very fabulous giveaway dedicated to all my awesome followers. Oh, that's you! Yeah, you! :D

**Pictures are taken from the world wide web.


  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR :) Those are great resolutions! Balancing college work and blogging is hard but it's so much fun when it all works out! To another awesome year! Congratulations on the 100+ followers :D

    Ajoop @ on books!

  2. It is! Balance is really something I'd really strive for this year. And thank you! Happy New Year to you as well. :)

  3. Happy New Year Sarah~ Have a great one :)
    Glad you enjoyed the blogging community! If you have some HTML problem you know where to find me, I'm more than willing to help!

    Jay @ We Fancy Books

  4. @Jayjay Atanacio

    Thank you! And yes you guys are awesome. Are you sure about your offer? I can be really stupid at times. :D


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