Friday, November 18, 2011

Random Ramblings: What to Expect?

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Since my thoughts are faster than my book-reading capabilities, I decided to have a new addition to my slowly dying blog. It would be called Random Ramblings.

What to expect in Random Ramblings:

1.       It would be random. (rolls eyes) I could be talking about singing turtles in my previous post and dancing pandas in the next. And it could be posted at any day of the week.

2.       It could be about the last movie I watched or about books I love or upcoming movies about books or my FANGIRLING. (there would be a lot of gushing and squealing here) 

3.       It could be composed of entries on my deceased journals. I was trying to resurrect them but I failed so I would just share them and my botched attempt at it, so both of us can be tormented in the process.

4.       It could be about my career: My latest venture in the wild world of perineal care or meeting my future doctor husband. Rest assured all names will be changed or removed as appropriate

5.       But mostly, it would be ridiculous since it’s my senseless thoughts we’re presenting in the open here. And it would be long or short depending on how chaotic my brain was that day.

You've been forewarned.

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