Monday, November 7, 2011

Random Ramblings (4): The Freddy Kreuger of my Blogging Dreams

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I will not be around in the coming days. Which I believe is not a good idea because as you can see I am just starting my blog. Apparently, I pick the wrong month to start one. *headdesk*

So what am I griping about now? Well, my semestral break is ending. *sniffs* I hardly felt it since out of the 4 week-long vacation, I only got a week to actually have it  to myself. But classes will start tomorrow whether I like it or not. I even tried scrounging for McGonagall's Time Turner to no avail. After much groveling, begging and howling, she threatened to turn me into a cockroach so I relented. Now, I really have to pack my things and leave.*wails* 

What's the big deal, you ask? Well, if you must know, my dormitory has no internet/wifi connection. I  understand that's for our own good so we could focus on our studies but I think if I concentrate any harder I'll explode into tiny pieces of me and then finally our neighbor's dog will have something to be happy about. (yeah, the dog hates me probably because I sing in the shower every time)

We also have this play which will make everybody busy this week including moi so I really don't know if  I could finish all my books in my currently-reading shelf, let alone review. But I will try to the very best of my ability to fit it into my jam-packed schedule. Even if it kills me. 

Plus, my classes is up to Saturday (really, we have classes 6 times a week!) so I'll be stuck in my dorm until then. I also have this strong feeling that my Sunday will be used up for the play practices. I am having an anxiety attack right now just thinking about it.

If my future follower (Ha! I wish) is reading this please hang on there. I'll be scheduling some of my reviews to come out during my absence. I feel wretched to be declaring hiatus this early but I will be coming back soon whenever I can. Just so you know, my heart is breaking and I feel like my baby is being taken away. I only give birth to this blog for a week but I feel like I'm losing a very good friend. For realz.

Please, baby blog do survive without me, will ya?  


  1. Sarah!!! Weeee congrats with your blog! :) I haven't read everything yet but I was surprised you already written a lot! I was expecting only a couple of posts. Now look at you! Haha. By the way, I checked if there's any way you can remove that .blogspot on your domain, and you're right, there's no other way but pay for that. Sorry. Anyway, congrats!! The site looks amazing! If we're on a more loose sched i'll start reading the books you reviewed here. ;) Good job! You've really done well :)

  2. Now, look who's here! Hi Jodi! Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for your kind words. I really appreciated it. Thank you, thank you!!


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