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Q&A with the Bookstruck by Cupid a.k.a Smite Maniac

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Who's the New Blogger in the Neighborhood?

Cupid: Good morning fellow BookStrucks. Today we have an interview with the blogger behind the new blog in the neighborhood: Smitten over Books. Let me introduce her first. Sarah is a proud Noypi and a Thomasian. She's currently in her 3rd year in college and taking Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Mostly, her world revolves around NCPs, Case Analysis or Drug Anas. But she still makes time to read and review books out of passion and love for them. Now, she's starting her new blog and hopes to be a successful blogger. Let us all welcome, Ms. Sarah!

Cupid: Good morning! Thank you for spending some time with us, Ms. Sarah. I bet you're sleepy now since it’s already 3:20 AM, but still you allow us this interview.
Sarah: Don't be silly. I can't sleep so it’s ok.

C: So the rumors are true, you are an insomniac.
S: I do not think I am an insomniac. I just have trouble sleeping at night because ideas just cropped out of my head without warning and I can't go back to sleep without jotting them down.

C: Just to be clear, if you are not an insomniac then why are you still awake?
S: I am more of a night person. My father likes to call me an owl.

C: Right. Ok. Let's start first with an easy question. What do you prefer? Coffee, cola, tea or juice?
S: Coffee and I like them cold. I especially like the Dark Mocha Frappucino or Mocha Frappucino of Starbucks. And I am actually expecting one now, where is it?

C: Oh, sorry about that. Here.
S: Better.

C: Let's proceed to the next question, then. What is your greatest fear? And if you would associate them with an animal, what is it and why?
S: I have this intense paranoia with cockroaches. And I would associate them with dogs because like dogs they either a) mark their territory, or b) attack you. They could also sense fears and that would be good as a cue for them to terrorize you. But if you'd think roaches are less intimidating because of their size, you're wrong. They're scarier because they can fly and can land on any part of your body.

C: I could really sense your fear. I, on the other hand, actually like practicing target shooting with cockroaches. Because they make this adorable crunching sound and they explode with all this gooey greenish...
S: Stop! You're making me vomit on my frap.

C: Oops. Got carried away. On to the next question: What is the biggest impact books had given you in a negative way?
S: Hmm.. I think it would be on my eyesight. I have perfect vision before. Now I have 100/100.

C: So do you wear glasses or contacts?
S: Do I really have to answer this? I have both. I wear contacts at school and glasses whenever I’m running late.

C: What color are your contacts?
S: Umm.. Hazel brown. Can we move on now?

C: OK. What made you think of establishing a blog?
S: Now, we are on the real questions. Well, you see I follow and read this wonderful blogs and I can't help but wonder what if I try it? I've been reviewing books since 2009 in Goodreads and I thought it was legit enough to start one.

C: Does reviewing come easily to you or do you also experience what they call writer's block?
S: I have writer's block all the time. What I find hard in reviewing is finding a starting point. But after that, I could pretty much go on. But there are times when it's really bad and I just stare at the screen for hours or I even just close it out of frustration.

C: If reviewing is that hard, why do you still do it?
S: Simply because I love it. I find satisfaction that somehow I was able to share what I love about a certain book and encourage others to read it too.

C: There are many book reviewers out there. What made you think someone will ever read yours?
S: Oh, I also have my doubts. What if nobody reads my reviews? What if nobody stops by? What if I will just be buried down the big pile of blog reviews out there? But then I realized that I still made my blog from scratch and persevere on it and that I think that is reason enough to believe that I am doing this not for prestige or to be noticed but because of my love for books. I also think there are a lot of books to be reviewed and a lot of readers who needs opinions and encouragement to try reading them.

C: What do you think will make you stand-out among the rest in the blogging world?
S: I don't think I will because even in real life I just sort of blend in. But like I said I do know that there are many books waiting to be discovered and read. I think even a simple blogger like me could give recognition that those outstanding obscure books really deserve.

C: I heard your changing your tagline from YA REVIEWS AND MORE to YA REVIEWS AND RANDOM RAMBLINGS OF A BOOKSTRUCK. Why is that?
S: Yes, I'm planning to squeeze the "changing" of my blog header in my schedule. But it will come out in the near future, I hope. I'm changing it because I like to made my blog more interactive, since my mind is spinning faster than I can read, it would really be good to have an outlet. And I think it would make my blog more personal and I kind of like it that way. 

C: So you'll only be reading books in the YA genre?
S: Probably yes. But it really depends on what's available. I absolutely love J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series and you can't really put it in the YA category. So, it'd really depends on my reading mood and preference. I will also give classic books a chance. Books by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien among many others, are waiting to be read and devoured in our generation and I like to be the one to start the trend.

C: What is your favorite book?
S: I have tons of favorite seeing as I've been reading since I can remember. But if I would cite one now I think it would be the Harry Potter series. For more on that you can read my tribute here: The Boy Who Lived, Accept My Heartfelt Gratitude  

C: Are you planning on continuing this blog even after a year without followers?
S: But really, I think if until then I am without followers, I would kill myself and haunt those snobs. Just kidding. As I said before, I am only doing this for my love of books.

C: How many times will you post in a week?
S: It depends on my schedule. If I have tons of paperwork to be submitted, I don't think I'll be able to do even a draft. But I'm planning on scheduling my posts so I could at least still have new posts on my blog.

C: I heard that you’re planning to take medicine after graduating, is that true? How about your blog?
S: I will, I think. I'm pretty steadfast on it ever since I was young. But unfortunately, taking Medicine is too expensive. And there will be a lot of sacrifices made. Like, no reading of books anymore because medical books will replace them. I'll have to spend 10 years more in studying. Then, I'm quite sure I'll be giving up this blog, too. So I really don't know. I am in a happy place right now. I don't want this blog to be the make or break option but we'll see in the future.

C: What is your inspiration to become a doctor?
S: Is this even related to books and blogging?

C: Yes. Just answer the question, please.
S: OK. Well, I never planned on becoming a nurse. I just want to be a doctor. It's my dream. I watch plenty of Grey's Anatomy, too and I really think surgeons are cool. I want to be a neurosurgeon, by the way.

C: Nice choice. I want to be a pathologist. You know like those in the movie, Pathology.
S: You're a pervert, Cupid!

C: (laughs maniacally) Any suggestions or advices for fellow newbies in the blogging world like you?
S: Do not give up. Do what you love. Follow your guts. Dream big. Aspire more. Be hungry for learning. I believe the time will come when we will be at par or even as big as those bloggers we look up to. And while you're at the dreaming stage why don't you help me achieve mine and follow me via Google Account and/or subscribe via email? :)

C: Shameless plugging. Really, Sarah you're making me think you're not serious about this.
S: I need all the help and inspiration I can get, Cupid. Thank you very much.

C: And that's all for our first interview with Sarah, the blogger behind Smitten over Books (When Cupid Struck): Books Reviews and Random Ramblings of a Bookstruck. If you want to know more, such as if she likes banana over apples or what she thinks of public urinals and how can they ever be useful, just comment below and I'll get back to you with another segment of Q&A with the Bookstruck by Cupid a.k.a Smite Maniac.

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