Friday, March 9, 2012

Why the Dark Knight is my Hero?

My entry would probably be so lame. So let me tell you something first before you read it. I'm a creativity-challenged person and although some of the "suggestions" given were definitely more interesting and fun, it involves a lot of sketching, cooking, drawing, and nail-arting. I did attempt the nail art to no avail. So in the brink of the deadline for the submission of this post, I decided to stuck with my original plan: Talk about Batman and what he means to me. 


I was listening to the radio one quiet Sunday night while thinking of what to post about Batman, when this really catchy, upbeat song came on the radio. It was Bonny Tyler's, I Need A Hero. 

It could very well be me who was belting out the song because I admit I need saving. I need a hero. Do you? Well, let me say it for you. You need a hero. We all need a hero. To save us from the real culprit. 


What better hero to call upon but Batman? He saved himself and in the process saved a whole city crumbling from oppression and corruption. A hero in a cape and a mask personifying a creature of the night. It was meant to frighten those with evil in their hearts but this act of righteousness also managed to bring justice to those who were browbeaten and tormented by them. 

His coming into power was fueled by vengeance, I know. But without it he would not become the vigilante that he is now. He would not be in a fight against the villains of the society. But why Batman, you still ask? Why not Superman, Spiderman, or even Captain America? Don't they all have the same agenda? 

To be honest, I'm not much of a comics fan. What I know about these superheroes were only based on movies and I bet, you could outshine me with your very own debate on how awesome Superman is, or how badass Spiderman is or how formidable Captain America is. 

But if there's one thing that characterizes Batman that others don't is he's no superhuman. His alter ego is very much him in a way that when he dawned his costume, he was still human. What he was with all the cape, mask, utility belt, Batcave, Batmobile and Batarang was all him. He's no product of insect bites, genetic enhancements, freak accidents nor did he came from another planet. He attained his "superpower" abilities because of hard work and intense training. No shortcuts for him, just pure unwavering will.

But this post is not really about who's more famous and better. What I like to point out is Batman is human yet this did not stop him from helping those who needs him in more ways than one. The very city that in a sense took his beloved parents, became a starting point for him becoming a hero. Because rather than turning on his people, (in which he was really closed to doing and which some of us would most likely do if faced with the same situation) he took this tragedy as an eyeopener and accepted that even though he could not really avenged the death of his parents, he could still save others from the same fate. 

He is not invincible, but he is, in a larger sense, a force to reckon with. He is an inspiration to step up to the challenge of becoming better. He sends out a message to delve deeper in ourselves and fight the bats that plagues us, so we can conquer the Gotham in our hearts. 

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Batman might embody a being of darkness and terror but I believe his character calls for us to find our humanity and stand by our morality. That although we are not rich enough to afford our own Batmobile, or smart enough to devised our signature weapons like Batarang nor cocky or nimble enough to wear a cape and not trip over it, nothing could or should ever get in the way of us finding our humanity and saving ourselves and others. 

This man is in a way a reminder to suit up, put on the mask and be our own version of Batman. And that are the reasons why the Dark Knight is my hero.   


This post is kind of sappy don't you think? It's just that I feel very strongly about Batman and would like to give his character a little justice through this post. So I was very happy to be part of this challenge. It was really fun thinking about what's awesome about this fave hero of mine. 

What do you think? Who is your favorite superhero? Comment down below and let me know. :)


  1. All good points and I guess for me, I grew up watching Superman so the sole Kryptonian is the big guy for me. :D

  2. Great post. Batman is definitely my favorite superhero as well.

  3. Batman great but the first superhero movies i enjoyed was spiderman, he is my favorite hero. I enjoyed reading why you liked Batman.


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