Thursday, March 15, 2012

Random Ramblings (12): Man, I'm Still Alive!

Hullo, everyone! I'm taking a breather from my mountain of workloads to say that I am still very much alive. 

After about a month of not posting anything, not reading any book, not visiting any blog, I'm so closed to poking my eyes out and eating it after. I have miss my blog as much as I miss you guys. You don't know how much it's killing me not to have an internet connection at my dormitory. I can't even access my Twitter account!  

But I only have about 10 days to endure this insufferable hectic days till our vacation. Yes, we're going to have our summer break! How exciting is that? But I know it's not coming any closer, that's why I'm so glad that there is The Hunger Games movie and Lauren Oliver to look forward to. 

So you guys hang on, OK. I'm going to make up for everything this summer so watch out. I'm gonna be unstoppable! *evil laugh*  

Now I'll share my deepest secret about why I'm still alive right now: 

PS. Since you're here why don't you check these out and support our THGReadAThon event:

Discussion Questions: Part I, Part II 
Highlight Post: 1st week, Mr. Book Wonder's 

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  1. I thought there would be a third set of questions to the HGReadathon.

  2. Hi Jackie! I'm sorry I got to reply only now. Something came up and my partner couldn't post the questions in time for the 3rd leg of THGReadAThon. I am very sorry. :(

  3. LOL the title for this post made me smile! x) Hearing that, I had half a mind to yell, "YAY!" and do a little dance! I love how you made your vacation sound -- I felt the same way when I had a five-day field trip out of town! I missed my blog like crazy LOL!

    Glad to know you're still alive, Sarah! :)

    1. Thanks, Mimi! And Happy Blogoversary to youuuuuu.. Yeah I heard and that was a song BTW. :)


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