Monday, March 12, 2012

THGReadAThon Guest Post: The Reading Fever

We're now on the 3rd leg of our THGReadAThon! I do hope you guys are having fun! Can you believe we only have 12 days to go (9 days for us!) before the movie comes out! I can't hardly wait but for now let me present one of my best-admired bloggers in the blogoverse. I've been a fan of hers long before I even started blogging and I know how much she loves The Hunger Games so I was extremely excited that she accepted to be part of our event. Without further a do, may I now present, Penelope from The Reading Fever

Why I Love The Hunger Games
by Penelope Lolohea

I have started this post many times, only to erase everything I have typed up. How on Earth do I explain why I love The Hunger Games so much? How does one put the feelings I get when I read it, into words? 

But that’s just it--The Hunger Games makes me feel something every single time I read it. This is a series that captures the reality of things; the intense love of a sister; the brutal events of the actual games; the cold indifference of those in the capitol; the realistic look at where we could find ourselves in the future; even the sad hilarity of jokes, at times when jokes are uncalled for. This is a series that captures it all, in a way that allows me to experience it--not as a reader, but as what feels like first-hand.

No matter how you spin it, The Hunger Games is defined by three things: war, love, and survival. Everything else is open to your interpretation, but these three basic things are defined over and over again in each book. The characters and their circumstances are so easy to connect to, it allows us as readers to experience events just as they do--even if we have never experienced such things before. And with war comes tragedies, loss, humiliation, hate, and anger. With love comes peace, strength, hope, and joy. And with survival comes determination, sacrifice, and a renewed sense of self. 

So that’s why I love The Hunger Games; because of everything it allows me to experience--good and bad--and the way I feel afterward. It’s the camaraderie you feel when you’ve been through strong experiences with other people. It’s that camaraderie I feel with each character in The Hunger Games series. We’ve been through something. We are strong. 

We are the Mockingjay, and together, we took down the Capitol.

That’s why I love The Hunger Games.

Well said, very well said Penelope! And because she couldn't get anymore awesome, she's giving away something that makes me want to just corrupt you all and grab it for myself. But I'm not like the Capitol that's why I have the decency not to do that.

One winner will get a chance to win a $10 RUE giftcard from Fandango. It's open internationally and will run until March 22, 2012. Only one entry is mandatory but there are extra entries to increase your chances of winning. So good luck! May the odds be ever in your favor. :)

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  1. Why do I love the hunger games? it makes me think about real people who genuinely care, and who fight for the good when our world falls apart at the seams due to {evil people} bad governments reducing societies to rubble. It's nothing new generally because history tends to repeat itself.

    I can take comfort in the fact that there is an underground community like district 13 to keep us alive . Ya I'd want to go there . Is there such a place being built now? I wonder.

  2. Thanks so much for having me! I'm excited to hear why others love The Hunger Games, too. :)

  3. I love the Hunger Games because of the fantastic writing. Suzanne Collins had a way of drawing me into a story that on the surface seemed so horrific. Even today when I try to describe Hunger Games to people who have not read it--they are creeped out that I like it. But as I am reading it--yes I am affected. Yes she makes me think about a lot of things. But I am not so creeped out that I cannot appreciate her mastery of the writing.


  4. I may be the only person in the universe that hasn't read The Hunger Games, but I bet I'd love it! LOL

    1. I bet you would! You should definitely give it a try...and also watch the movie that comes out next week! :)

  5. Amen doll! I feel the same way. It taps in to such raw primal emotions.

  6. I love The Hunger Games for SO many reasons! I love Katniss and how she's such a strong heroine. I love Gale because he's a hunter and a total badass. I love Peeta even though he is terribly sappy at times. I love the story because it's beautiful and hopeful and full of action and suspense, but most of all it makes you think about life and the future. :)


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