Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still A Potterhead: HP Books Marathon

I'm going to Hogwarts this week. 
Who's with me?
This week, from May 15 to May 19, I will be having a Harry Potter marathon.  I'm awfully behind all my reading challenges and I also have been afflicted with the reading slump bug for a month now. Not a very good combination for someone who  only has 50 books as her reading goal for this year and still manages to be 1 book behind. o.o

I firmly believe that Harry Potter can cure anything so I decided to let my Potterhead alterego roar and hopefully I could finish the rest of the books before Saturday, May 19 too.

If muggle life will not get in the way I could: Finish the reading challenge + Recuperate from my reading slump. Win-win situation. Yowzah!

It's not yet too late to join Penelope's Harry Potter Reading Challenge so I'm inviting you to read along and head over to the The Reading Fever, hold your virtual quill and sign up. Also, you are cordially invited to the HPRC2012 Twitter party:

*See you! 
For those who will sign up and party hard with us, there may or may not be awesome *virtual* cupcakes in store for you. 
Am I the only one who'd not dare eat this?
 How could anyone have the heart to even try?
That's it, I'm all set. Now I'm off to Hogwarts. Adios, amigos. 

All pictures are taken from Turn to Page 394 not including *. 
Thank you!


  1. Dude. Those cupcakes are AWESOME! Look at all that gorgeous airbrushed detail!!! Also, the houses and their respective shields/symbolism were always one of the coolest things in my opinion.

    Good luck getting out of your reading slump. I have a feeling a good HP marathon will be just the thing to cure you ;)

    1. Yup, the cupcakes are so pretty! I wouldn't even have the guts to eat them. I hope that HP will help me too. Thank you, Susan. :D

  2. Great idea. Sadly I have to study until July but after that Movie and book marathons with my friends have been planned :P

    Have fun at Hogwarts. It's the best home there is ;)

  3. Oh man, virtual cupcakes are the best! Bring some to the twitter chat so we can share! :)

    Thanks for talking about the reading challenge and twitter party! You totally rock. Good luck with your marathon!

  4. Awesome! I won't do my annual Potter re-read until the fall, but I know you'll have a great marathon. Nothing better to cure a slump.

  5. I try to have a Harry Potterthon yearly, just to make myself happy. They are the best, ever. And those cupcakes? To eat or not? That is the question?!


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