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Follow Friday # 7

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Question of the Week:  
This Sunday in the U.S. is Mother's  Day. In celebration, what are some of your favorite books with strong mother/child relationships? 

There are probably some books I missed out but these 3 came immediately into mind:

Weasley's Egypt family trip with me.
Where was I? Umm, I was the one who
took the picture cause nobody knew
how to work the camera except me.
1. Molly Weasley and the 7 Weasleys from the Harry Potter series  

Do I really need to explain this? Although, I love my mother dearly with all my heart, Molly is the mother I never had. She's just everything a mother should be. Need any more proof? Look at how her sons and daughter turned out to be.

2. Maggie and Clara Gardner from Unearthly series by Cynthia Hand

Maggie may be secretive about the mechanics of how the visions work, but she's always right there for Clara. Supportive and unyielding, like any mother should be.

Proud mom! 
3. Sally Jackson and Percy Jackson from the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan  

If you fell in love with a god (especially one of the 3 major gods), you would realized that although you love each other deeply, there will come a time when that god must leave you even if he does not want to. Sally realized that and as a single mother raising a demigod, she married a git of a man to protect Percy. I mean c'mon, if you marry someone who has a horrendous, abusive attitude and a terrible smell just to masked the demigod scent of your child to prevent monsters from attacking, you are an amazing mother.

What about you? 
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Thanks for stopping by! Happy Mother's Day! :)

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  1. Why didn't I think of Molly Weasley? Anyways, nice choices :)

    My Follow Friday

  2. OMG, Molly weasly was a good choice. A great mother. Thanks for stopping by. Old Follower.

  3. Great choice! There seem to be a lot of Harry Potter answers going around, and I love it!

    My FF Post

    -Riya (The Teen Book Guru)

  4. You know I was just starting to think of Molly Weasley as I was visiting! This is the first I've seen it so far! She really was a great mom, both in book and movie!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  5. Why didn't I think of Molly Weasly? My brain really was asleep when I was writing my post.

    Here's mine if you want to check it out

    New follower via GFC

  6. Perfect choices Sarah! I love the Egyptian Weasley picture! I love how important a little rat in a picture could be in POA! I hadn't thought of Sally- she is and Amazing women!
    Thanks for stopping by my FF!

  7. Great choices! I'm a new GFC follower. Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a great weekend!

  8. I looove Molly Weasley and Sally Jackson. I need to read the Unearthly series soon!

  9. I choose Molly Weasley as well, great character

    New Follower

    My FF

  10. Ooh, good choices! I forgot about Percy Jackson! But I love their relationship too.
    Following! :)

  11. Oh most excellent choices! Especially Molly Weasely and Sally Jackson.. I can not believe I didn't think of either of them...

    New Follower

    Tea and Book and Bodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy

  12. Great choices! Thanks for stopping by my FF!! New follower!

  13. I love your choices! Great post! Thanks or stopping by!

    Happy Friday - old follower.


  14. Yes Unearthly! I remember how great the relationship was in there. For once the kid wasn't obnoxiously disrespectful! And of course Mrs. Weasley. The mother hen of all. Brilliant picks!

    Thanks for stopping by!
    OtherwhereCo FF

  15. I totally forgot about the weasleys! I love molly! Thanks for following! New follower!

    Shae @ Understanding Shae's Story

  16. Molly is a great choice. I didn't think of Sally but she is awesome too. Thanks for stopping by our FF. New follower. :)

  17. I hadn't thought of Unearthly! That's a great pick, loved those books :) Awesome answer.

  18. Great answers, can't believe I forgot these! Have a great weekend, and thanks for stopping by my blog and following :) New follower

  19. I can't believe I didn't think about Molly Weasley, especially since I used the HP series in TGIF.

  20. Weasleys are a great answer! following back :)

  21. Hey Smitten over Books!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Feel free to come by anytime! :)

    Love your answer, and your blog! I'm an old follower of yours! :D


  22. Hi :)

    Thanks for visiting my FF!! I'm late this week responding because I was out of town! I haven't read these books ;)

    Thank you for the follow! I'm a new GFC follower btw.

    Happy reading!:)

  23. Ohhh, great answers! I loved Mrs. Weasley!

    Thank you for hopping by for FF!

  24. Unearthly, yup, great answer! Their relationship was definitely sweet <3

    Thanks for stopping by, following you back ;)


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