Sunday, February 19, 2012

Random Ramblings (11): My (Kind-of) Book Splurge Day + Announcement

So I was on the hunt today for a copy of The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis for my Lit thesis. I especially like the compiled one with Aslan on the cover because 1) It's Aslan on the cover 2) It's less expensive. 3) It's less expensive. Ha! Anyway, if you're wondering what it looks like, then lookie here:

It looks cool, right?

But it's not available. They do have the little ones from Harper Collins which cost P 295 ($7) each and it's not really practical when the Aslan cover version was only P 800-est ($19). So I went home.


I actually ate my words today. I threw practicality out of the windows and splurged. A lot. I couldn't actually contain my excitement right now because I have 2 new books. I mean, the other is a Trilogy but yes, I have awesome new books for my non-existent bookshelf. Woot!

What did I buy? *drumrolls* 

The Hunger Games! And it's 20% off! I got it at around P 796 ($18.5) when it's original price was P 995 ($23.14). I finally got my own copies just in time for The Hunger Games Read-A-Thon we're having. /shameless plugging Have you joined yet? Don't be left out, sign up now! /shameless plugging over

The other book is from one of my favorite authors when I was in Elementary. I was prowling the bookstore's perimeter, drooling and all, when I spotted Dan Well's Partials and Lauren Oliver's Pandemonium. I'm currently reading Partials by Dan Well, courtesy of Netgalley and I love it and I really liked Delirium so my hands are definitely itching to buy at least one of the 2 books. So I picked them up, weigh them in, when my attention was caught by this really gorgeous cover. I read the blurb and it was really intriguing. Then I saw the author, and it was Francine Pascal.

Francine-freakin-Pascal! One of my most-read authors back then. I was like she had a new book!! What?! Why didn't anybody tell me?

So after sweet talking my father to buy the Trilogy set of The Hunger Games *nods head like a boss*, I bought Fearless myself and reluctantly let go of Partials and Pandemonium (next times babies, next time) . I was so excited to go home, smell my new books (I'm weird like that) and took limitless pictures of them. I also browsed Goodreads and saw that Fearless was first published last 1999. You should've seen my face. Nevertheless, still excited to read it. It's Francine-freakin-Pascal anyway. 

That's it for my uber long Book Splurge account of the day. I think I'll finally be able to do my very first IMM post next week, just waiting for some other books to arrive here. ;) For my announcement, read more.


So I thought one thesis would be enough. But no. We have to do another one. This time, alone. Do you hear that final, resounding word: ALONE. My head is spinning, my tummy is acting up and my mouth is brimming with unspoken expletives. WHY? WHY does everything have to be this COMPLICATED? *throws bomb everywhere*

As I was saying, we have our thesis for our Nursing Research course in which we have to submit our 1st 3 chapters before the end of our second semester. Then we'll be having our colloquium. By that time, I think I'd know what a cockroach feels when it's stepped on and had it's internal organs squished to death... Eew.

If that's not crazy enough, we have to make our literature paper as well in Lit class. You know what's my book or should I say books? The whole Chronicles of Narnia series. The whole 7 books. The se-se-se-ven books! And for our Chapter III: Discussion we have to submit a minimum of 100 pages! Insanely sick, right?

So instead of apologizing every now and then about my sudden lack of posts and all, I think I'll be saying ta-ta for now. I will not be having any new reviews posted until further noticed. But rest assured, my presence will still be felt (Ok, that sounded off). All my previous engagements will still be held. The THG Read-A-Thon is still ongoing! Reviews on work-in-progress status will still be posted on their respective schedules. Authors who have send their books for reviews will be reviewed on March, as agreed upon. And I'm still participating on all my reading challenges. But that's it. No more reading pleasurely, no more wasting away in front of my Twitter timeline, no more blog hopping and most of all no more procrastinating (meh!).

But this is only until the last weeks of March, kiddos. I'm still coming back, so don't forget about me, OK? And visit Cupid (the flying blue bird) when I can't. GOSH. This is killing me. I could not wait for our month-long vacation on March because not only will it be my rest month, it will also be The Hunger Games theater release. *happy dance then cries again* 


  1. Good stuff!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  2. Ahhh I've been seeing Fearless on NBS, I hope you like it :) Ohh there's a THG Marathon? yay! as much as I want to participate i'm very much busy myself, you're taking up your thesis too? ohh I'm also taking mine and I'm a blogging hiatus myself!

    I also saw Pandemonium on NBS, I was like really? early release? lol you're so lucky to have read Partials... I'm drooling for a copy!

    Happy Reading! Hoping we both do well on our studies ;)

    Jay @ We Fancy Books

  3. You love Francine Pascal too! I loved Sweet Valley High in school. :)

    Aww, all the best girl. I know how terrible studies can be at times, especially when the review books seem to be dancing over your head. LOL! Exactly what's happening to me right now.

  4. Darn, I love the Fearless cover! I'll have to read it and soon, beautiful covers always manage to lure me in.
    Oh, and I smell my books too, it's a peculiar and slightly disturbing habit we share. :)
    Maja @ The Nocturnal Library

  5. HAHA. I MISS Francine Pascal and the Sweet Valley days! *gets nostalgic! Fearless is great! All the best for school! :)


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