Friday, January 6, 2012

Follow Friday # 2

Follow Friday is a weekly blog hop hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee that expands your blog following by joint efforts between bloggers. This week's featured bloggers are Pawing Through Books and Book Den.

Question of the Week:  
Go count the number of books sitting on your shelf. How many?

It'd take me forever to count the number of books on my TBR shelf. Shocking? Not really. I really hope I could make a dent in my reading queue this year. Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Friday!
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  1. HI Sarah - love the blog!
    New follower :)


    Drop by our blog!

  2. New follower. Very nice header. i like your blog button. I actually counted and gave up at a certain point. I have a lot of books as well. Come visit me as well.

    Livre De Amour-Books of Love

  3. Good luck on making that dent in your TBR pile!
    New follower
    Last Day for Giveaway!

  4. My goal is to read more from my TBR pile too! there's just so much! Happy Friday!

    Here's my FF!

  5. Good luck reading them all! Thanks for stopping by! I'm a new follower.

  6. I have 355 books in my tbr-all romance, but of several different genres-adult and young adult.
    I am a new follower

  7. Good luck!! Thanks for stopping by mine- I'm returning the love! I really like your blog design, its so neat... I haven't seen anything like it before :D

  8. Oh wow. Too many to count?! Damn, I was able to count mine. It was a little higher than I would like. There was a time when I wouldn't have anything to read...hard to remember those times!

    Here's my Friday Hops

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

  9. I know it's scary to think it would take longer to count them to read the first chapter of one!

  10. It was awesome being your 100th follower last week - thanks for the shout-out!

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by! Looking forward to having a little time to read more of your posts. Now following! Have a wonderful weekend. Shari over at My Neurotic Book Affair

  12. Good luck! I was scared to count mine, too!

  13. Hopping through. I really want to get my number of unread books down this year. I'm around 80-100.
    My Hop

  14. @The Plot Thickens

    It is. And you have a very special place in my heart! Glad to see you back! :)

  15. I couldn't even ATTEMPT to answer this question, hah! Good luck with making headway into that dent this year. :)

  16. Thanks for stopping by! I'm curious how many you have now! Good luck putting a dent in them!


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