Monday, October 29, 2012

Taking A Break

Well, not really. ;)
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This topic is actually kind of moot since I've been MIA since last week. I just want to make it more formal so that everyone can be assured that I'm still alive. 

Just last Sunday, my mom went ballistic and hacked my Facebook account so she could get a hold of me since by her mommy instinct I was in trouble which is not really the case. At all. I've just been asleep in my dormitory bed dreaming about something particularly important when I was still in REM sleep. Bottom line, I woke up finding everyone looking for me like I'm some kind of abducted person. 

Not that any of you care about that drama but yes, I'm really taking a break. My wide schedule was apparently not wide enough and we, graduating students, have been really busy sharping our minds these past weeks. There was no reading done but I am really going to catch up. I am going to read till I drop. Pinky swear!

I know this post has gone for far too long and I'm really eager on starting my reading marathon so I guess it's tata for now. I'll be back sometime in November to celebrate my blogoversary! I am so excited!! Can you feel it?! EEEEEP!

Also, I am praying for everyone who will be on Hurricane Sandy's path. Stay dry and safe everyone. Stack up on books, too. I promise it'll be of great help. I know. ;)


  1. aww.. will be missing you!! LOL at your mom hacking your facebook! hahaha! im really cracking up! Well, cant wait for you to get back ;)
    - Farah @ MajiBookshelf

  2. Ooh sometimes taking a break is for the best, especially when mothers start worrying. ;) I hope you come back rested and well!


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