Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Ramblings (14): The Avengers Saved Us

Guess what happened today? I got a haircut! Nah, just kidding. I've watched The Avengers today. That's right. I indulged myself with hawt superheroes and mindblowing action scenes.

The Avengers (from left to right): Hulk, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Nick Fury,
Black Widow, Captain America and Thor
I do think that a little disclaimer is needed here. I'm no comics addict. Never read one, my knowledge is as far as the movies I've watched go. This post would be unbelievably full of fangirling about Chris Hemsworth (He's my man! *winks*) and blurting shameful things like bulging muscles, and bulging muscles. I know that is totally shallow and unprofessional but what the heck I'm not a movie critic, I go out and watch movies for exactly 5 reasons:

1) My Johnny Depp will be there. Or any other fave actors of mine.
2) It's one my most anticipated film of the year. Or it's on my bucket list. Whichever comes first.
3) It's a movie adaptation of a book I've enjoyed. Ironically, the movie adaptation seldom gets it right.
4) I'll be with my friends so I could endure the torture of a movie that's surely going to bomb. Case in point, ah no case in post, let's keep this clean.
5) Johnny will be in a different costume with a mixed-up accent. Wouldn't miss it for the world.

I love going to movies, I even go alone if no one wants to come with me.  So there, not a movie critic, just a movie lover. Let's get to business then and I'll promise to try to keep the muscle word count under 5. 

Frown like you know
you're business
What do you get if you assemble several remarkable people to save the Earth? One amazing spectacle of muscles and buttkicking. I am a big fan of superheroes, I remember wishing to be a Power Ranger when I was a kid.

But I digress. This was such a dream come true for me. You get Iron Man (Yo!), Captain America (I don't really care about him), Thor (Woot!), Hulk (Norton, where are you? Ruffalo nailed it), Hawkeye (Really cool archer), Black Widow (Cool spy), and Nick Fury (He just sits around and cooks schemes to get his team to work, but he still rock it). 

Do not insult me petty, tiny people.
I am not a demigod.
And man, they have their scenes and moments to shine. It was kind of a torture to wait for Thor for about 45 mins into the movie but when he came out, he was gloriously muscular, blonde, and fully charged with thunder. His voice was so godly and he was big. He was really something. 

That was really wrong. *shakes head*

Anyway, I was sitting on the theater seat for about 3 hours and never once was I distracted, OK, a lil' bit.  I was half-plotting to bash this little kid behind us because he keeps talking, in a shrill, loud voice, like we care. And his father was trying to shush him which only added to the ruckus his child is making. I do not know why, but there's always this someone who has to tarnish the movie experience. 

RAWR. Translation: I smashed Loki like a ragdoll. 
Puny god.
The humor was right on cue. Everybody was laughing in the theater and I have this insane thought that all the people in the other 4 theaters that time we're laughing as well. Yeah, all 5 theaters in that mall, was booked just for The Avengers. Surprisingly, Hulk got the most laugh out of me. And he was a green monster then. Iron Man (Downey, Jr.) was spot on, quirky as always. Thor (Hemsworth) booms. Capt. America (Evans) leads. Hawk Eye (Renner) jumps in tall buildings with just a bow. Black Widow (Johansson) tied up in a chair can still beat you up. Even minor characters rocked. Smulders aka Robin in HIMYM as Agent Maria Hill, was kinda different in a good way. Agent Phil Coulson (Gregg) managed to snag a little spotlight to himself as well. 

Well, sorry Loki. The Avengers have Hulk.
Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has a whole section because he was just pure awesomeness. I admit to have a little budding crush on him. He was just right for his character. All the Avengers were on to him, so we have to really feel that he's badass, and he delivers. Like he was born to be Loki, the scheming badass. There was this vulnerable side to him too that only Thor could reach and it was utterly believable. 

CaptA: Big man, in a suit of armour...
take that away, what are you? 
Iron Man: Uh...genius, billionaire,
playboy, philanthropist...
The dynamics was also surprisingly well done. I was not expecting a lot here. Because it's complicated to work on several superheroes on just one screen but I truly enjoyed it.Great ensemble, incredible movie effects, marvelous feel, splendid story telling, this movie would be a "smash"-ing hit. At least I hope. That's why go watch and support them, so we could see future The Avengers  movies (with I hope X-Men and Spiderman included) in the years to come. 

PS. Do not be fooled by the rolling credits. There is an extra scene after, that will introduced us to the next adversary in the sequel. I heard the name was Thanos. Do not know him, but I'll research.

Muscle word count: 4. Told ya! ;)

PPS. Joss Whedon, YOU ARE THE MAN!

What about you? Are you planning to watch The Avengers? 
What movies are you anticipating this summer? This 2012? 
Share 'em down below. 


  1. Johnny Depp is in the movie? I don't usually like action movies but I'm curious about this one.

    1. No. He was not in The Avengers. lol. How I wish though.

  2. Ooooh. Nice! I'm no comics addict either, but I just watch almost every movies that catches my attention. I've seen Captain America, Thor, Iron Man 1 and 2, so I don't think it's a big surprise that I'm gonna watch The Avengers, although I have to wait 'til next week, to do so. </3

    And I'm looking forward to watching The Amazing Spiderman and G.I. Joe 2. I've still got loads of anticipated movies and wish I can watch them all.

    PS. Are you gonna watch Dark Shadows? ;D

    1. Go watch The Avengers! I know you want to. ;) And yes, I couldn't wait for the Dark Shadows. :)

  3. I saw the movie two weeks ago. It was fantastic! I've never read any of the comics either but it was so funny and I wasn't bored for a second ;)

    Also new found adoration for Jeremy Renner. Hawkeye <3

  4. I haven't seen it yet, but I can give you one reason why I will watch this soon. Thor. Oh, Thor. That is one incredible man. He is like a species all his own. So, I will watch soon. Along with any other movie he might give the honor of his appearance on.


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